Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creepy Pasta 41 - Short Story 12


Something to help improve your Monday blues.

So first off, the answer to the last short story.
Here is a last try, Short Story 11.
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The answer,
The click and scratch was the  sound of the door opening.

Those of you who got it,

Free smiles or "awwws" for you!

Now, down to what you are here for.

Short Story 12.

I was driving home one night when I passed a lady standing in the street waving frantically. She looked distraught and I stopped to lend her a hand. Walking up towards her, I noticed that she was heavily pregnant. She ran forward and grabbed my arm pulling me forward. She told me about an accident that happened, a car had fell off the side of the road down a sleep slope and she can't get down there to help. She also kept asking me to save the driver first. I asked her to stay put by my car and I promised her I would as I rushed down to the wreckage to help. 

As I was making my way down to the wreckage, I took out my mobile and called for the emergency services. Telling them where the wreckage was and how badly it was damaged, I hung up and rushed forward to help the victims. I found 2 people in the car, a couple. Rushing forward, I opened the driver side door and carried the man out. He was covered in blood but he was in a stable condition. Resting him a safe distance away, I ran back in to help the passenger. As I was helping her out, the paramedics arrived and took over as I went back to give all the information I knew. Minutes later, they informed me that I could leave as they had things under control.

Returning home, I fell asleep quickly. The next day, I got a call from the police informing me that the driver had made it. Sadly the lady did not make it but her child had survived. They thanked me and told me where I could visit the family. Hanging up, I felt happy but a little sad.

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