Sunday, November 18, 2012

Creepy Pasta 34 - Short Story 7

Happy Sunday all you wankers.
I would like to take this time to thank all of you have supported this blog.
Regardless of my random absence or having all my pictures go down thanks to blogger.
You guys are awesome.
Thank you.

So, with that said, I bring you another Creepy Pasta Short Story.
If you have missed the older story, here it is. Short Story 6
And here are the rest of them.
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So, the answer to the last story.
The sweet was what killed the brother.

Before I begin, I have a small request.
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Tweet it, share it on facebook or even blog about it.
It will make me so happy that I might even do a dance.

So, lets get to it.

Short Story 7.

When I was 5, I met Peter. I was sitting in the corner of the public playground all alone when he walked up and started talking to me. He was warm and friendly and he had a smile that could make you smile instantly. Right away, we hit it off and we became best friends. Months went by and we were inseparable. My parents were never really there for me, they always seemed busy with work. Peter's parents were also always busy so he stayed over a lot. We spent loads of time indoors, playing silly games and laughing at childish jokes. We were kids, happy kids. One morning, I decided to go to the park with Peter to play at the playground. When I returned, my parents were sitting in the living room waiting for me. Curious, I looked at them wondering what was going on. Gesturing at me, my mum called me over. Walking over, my dad smiled and asked me if I wanted to go to the theme park. I got really excited and asked if Peter could come along. His smile faded a little but he agreed. I smiled, thanked my dad and ran out to tell Peter the good news. Soon, we were pulling into the theme park and I could hear the children laughing and screaming. This was going to be a great day. My dad brought me to a Haunted House and told me to have take care. I entered the large door into a white room and I turned to wave at my Parents. My dad was not smiling and my mum was crying. I smiled and waved as the door started closing. This was fun, just Peter and I. Peter and I. Peter.

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