Thursday, November 24, 2011

Creepy Pasta 9.

The Clown.

A babysitter was taking care of three children for Mr and Mrs Woods. She went up to check on the children and they were sleeping soundly.She then returns to the living room which were the only two rooms she was allowed to go to with the exception of the bathroom. The reason was that Mr Woods was a collector of some sort and he did not want the babysitter to mess up his collection. She returns to watching her movie on her laptop. It was late at night. Slowly she felt uneasy as there was a statue of a clown in the corner of the room. She brushes it off and continues to watch her movie. After an hour or so, she goes to check on the children and they were sleeping soundly. She felt a tinge of dread returning to the living room as the statue creeped her out. She wasn't very fond of clowns. Brushing it off as a childish fear, she returned to the living room to continue her movie. An hour passed but she could not shake off the creepy feeling the clown statue gave her. She could not help but notice that there was a almost life like feel to the clown."I'm just being silly" she thought to herself. The phone rang causing her to jump out of her seat scaring her out of her thoughts. It was only Mr Woods calling to check on the sitter and his children. "How are the children?" asked Mr Woods. "Sleeping soundly, but can I switch to another room?" "Why?" asked Mr Woods. "The clown statue scares me" she whispered as she thought how ridiculous she was thinking that the clown could overhear her.
"Can you go up and check on the children for me?" asked Mr Woods after a short pause. "Ok" said the babysitter wondering what Mr Woods was up to. "The children are sleeping soundly" said the babysitter. "Close the door and lock it. Call the police now. We do not have a clown statue." said Mr Woods urgently. She did as Mr Woods said and called the police. After a while there was a sharp knock on the door. "This is the police, come out with the children." As she opened the door and the children were being taken away by the police, she glanced into the living room and found the clown lying on the floor with his hands handcuffed behind his back. The clown was staring at her and smiling the same creepy smile that she was looking at the entire night.

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