Thursday, May 9, 2013

Creepy Pasta 42 - Short Story 13

Here we go, another Short Story on a lovely Friday morning.

Yes, that deserves a high five.
We made it through the week and we didn't die.

Now, before moving on to the new story, here is a recap.

Now, for the answer.
The lady who stopped him was the same lady who died, she wanted her husband saved.

Did you get the last one?
If you did, 

Now, for what you are here for.
Oh and take note.
The next story is based on a true event that really happened to a friend of mine.

Short Story 13.

The party was getting boring. "Let us play hide and seek", suggested a friend. "Sure", said another, "the chalet is ours anyway". Getting up, we drew lots to see who would be it. Fred lucked out and was chosen. Get out and count to a hundred, shouted Mike. 

As Fred walked out and closed the door, there was a mad scramble to find a hiding spot. Mike went from room to room to find a spot to no avail. Reaching the last room, he reached under the bed to check if the hiding space was occupied. Feeling someone's hair, he let go and mumbled an apology. "Damn, I'm too late" he thought. He decided to hide behind the cupboard. Luckily he managed to hide in time as Fred had just entered the chalet.

Shouting that the game was beginning, he started to hunt for them. One by one, they were caught. From behind the television to under the table to behind doors. Heading into the room where Mike was hiding, he looked around the room. Fred couldn't see where Mike was and turned and left. As Fred was about to leave, Mike coughed and Fred laughed out. He was caught. Coming out, Fred grabbed Mike and they went out to meet the rest of their friends. Mike had won, he was the last one caught. 

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