Sunday, November 27, 2011

A short post.

Hello all you sexy donkey punchers.
How is everyone holding up?
Holiday season is almost or rather, already upon us.
Any annoying incidents lately?
Hang in there you sexy people.

this post is basically a way for me to let you derp and derpinas know that I am still alive and well but mainly this post is to let you know what I have in store for the future.
Some plans for the future include a blog series about my on going tattoos with Black Moustache Tattoos.
More random food reviews might surface but they are really random so lets see how it goes.

On a side note, I am opening up to doing adverts, reviews, food reviews.
Basically anything you think you want more people to know about?
Contact me! 

Oh yeah, do follow me on twitter @darrenkillyou to get latest blog updates
or for some 140 characters filled angst, funny or complete rubbish tweets.
Do tweet me if about things you like, dislike.
Things you want to see, things you don't want to see.
I'm all ears. Or rather, eyes.
Get it? You use your eyes to read tweets and not your ears.... okay forget it.
(Links are at the sides)

More importantly,
I want to give a hug to everyone who have told me that they enjoy my blog.
That is so sweet of you monkey punchers.
And thanks to all of you who keep coming back here to support me.
You people are just awesome so I sincerely thank you.
I blog to entertain and entertained you will be.

In the near future, I am hoping to do some giveaways.
What kind of giveaways? Stay tuned to find out more!

If you do see anything interesting for me to blog about?
Email, tweet or even facebook it to me and I will check it out.
Bad restaurants that are over hyped?
Fun and interesting places?   
You own a small quiet cafe with good food yet no one knows about you?
Anything you want to see here, let me know.
I will credit you so don't worry about no one knowing it was you that found that quiet little hipster bookstore with hamsters running around and cats drinking tea.

So stay sexy and remember to tell your friends about this blog.

A little something I found.

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