Friday, December 16, 2011

Creepy Pasta 13.

The Sack.

It was an early Sunday morning as Kym was walking home. "Damn." Kym said out loud. "I should not have left the club this late, now my mum is really going to kill me." Looking at her phone, she saw that it was 4am.
Hoping her mum would still be asleep, she hurriedly walked towards her block. After a short distance, she started to hear a faint shuffling behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and strained to listen to the faint sound. The sound stopped."I must still be drunk." she thought as she shuddered thinking about the amount of drinks she had. As she started walking, the shuffling started too. Suddenly she turned and shouted "WHAT?!" and she realized there was no one behind her. "Strange." she thought as she looked around. All she could see was an empty void deck and a brown gunny sack against the wall. "I must be imagining things." She said out loud to herself as she chuckled. She turned and continued walking home. The sound started again like clockwork. She quicken her paces and strange as it seems, the shuffling seem to quicken too. She slowed down and the shuffling slowed down too. "HAR!" She shouted as she turned around quickly but as the last time, there was no one there. "That looks familiar." She said as she caught sight of a lone gunny sack beside the dustbin. Brushing it aside, she turned and quickened her paces towards home. She could hear the shuffling behind her, picking up speed as she did. Reaching her block, she could see the lift door wide open and she sighed in relief. Running into the lift, she turned and hit the close button repeatedly. Right as the door closed, there was a large bang outside the lift door. "What the?!" she shouted. As the lift doors open, she saw it. Right outside her lift door was a gunny sack. She screamed and jumped over the gunny sack and ran home. The sound behind her was not only a shuffling but also a low growl. Like a wild animal chasing after its prey. As she turned the corner, she saw her mother standing at the door with a face of anger. "No time to explain, get in!" She shouted at her mother. As she got into her house, she turned and slammed the door shut. Less than a second later, something large hit the door with a loud boom."What is that?!" shouted her mother to her daughter. Kym shook her head not knowing what it was. Loud scratching noise could be heard from behind the door. After 10 minutes, the sounds stopped.

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