Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Creepy Pasta 17.

I sat up in the darkness of my room, frightened. Some noise from the land of the waking had jolted me out of unconsciousness. Groggy, I reached across to the nightstand, turning my alarm clock towards my face. The dim numbers read 3am and I groaned. So much for a good night's sleep. Forgetting what had woken me, I rolled over and settled back into bed but there it was again. A thump from the attic above me, loud and deliberate. There was another. It sounded as though someone was attempting to make me aware of his presence. Almost toying with me. I bolted upright, adrenaline pumping. Someone was in my house.

The thumping stopped somewhere above my closet. Slowly I stood up in the darkness of my room, the illumination of the alarm clock extending no further than the nightstand upon which it sat. Slowly I worked my way out of my room and down the hall, heading for the storage closet and grabbed my old bat. I retreated down the hall to stare, waiting, at the trap door into the attic. Whoever the intruder was, he wasn't going anywhere.

I held my breath, waiting for any noise, any sign of life. Nothing. Heart racing, I slowly approached and pulled down the ladder. The light was on in the attic. I wasn't sure if I'd left it that way. I climbed up as quietly as I could and peeked into the room, only to be confronted with nothing. Nothing there at all. Just the old crap I'd left up in storage. I sighed, relieved. I must have been imagining things. It's easy to convince yourself you're hearing things when you're alone in the dark. Laughing, I shut off the lights behind me and went to lie down.

I closed my eyes, thinking how ridiculous I'd been. Then, thump. Closer now. Just as loud as I'd heard it before, closer now to the center of the room. I jumped out of bed, less frightened than angry and rushed up the ladder, bat in hand. I kicked over boxes, swung at shadows and old clothing. Nothing. There was no one there. I rubbed at my temples, climbing down the ladder and back towards my room. Too much stress at work. Must be imagining things. Maybe I'd take the day off tomorrow. I felt strange as I approached my door. A sense of dread washed through me and I hesitated, hand outstretched towards the doorknob. I groaned, I was being stupid. I'd probably feel better after i got some sleep. Fingers rubbing the bridge of my nose, I blindly flicked on the light switch and made my way towards my bed. I slumped down onto the edge, rubbing my eyes. So tired. Had to stop being paranoid.


I jerked my hands away from my face, whipping around to glare once more towards the attic, but with the light on. I could see it. A grotesque mockery of the human form, bent and twisted, head facing the wrong way, empty sockets where eyes should have been. Slowly, deliberately, it lifted a hand. It grinned as it slapped it down with a thump, dragging itself closer towards me.


I gave a panicked laugh as it smashes the bare bulb that was my only source of life, shrouding the room in darkness. I'm not insane. How could I have known?


It walks on ceilings.

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