Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Singapore Voice Day 2012

Hello all you derp and derpinas.

Today, I will be talking about Singapore Voice Day 2012.

Many of you might not know what it is or what it is about.

Fret not.
I am here to tell you more about it.

Have you ever stood up for a cause?

Debated over something?
Voiced out about something unjust or something that needed attention?

If you didn't have your voice, wouldn't that be a whole lot harder?
Think about it.

Having no voice means,
no telling the ice cream man which flavor of ice cream you want,
no complaining to your mother that your friend don't want to friend you.
no telling your friend that the girl/guy that you saw was really pretty/handsome so they can ask for her/his number for you. 
no complaining that your internet speed is too slow.


So do you realize the importance of your voice?

Now what is Singapapore Voice Day 2012 about?

And here's more information.

So remember to always take care and treasure your voice.
And one last thing, stay sexy you lawn mowing mofos!

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