Sunday, April 29, 2012

An update.

Hello all you derp and derpinas!
I'm back!

Sorry for the long absence.
I was away for a while.

I was away in thailand for 2 weeks.
After I returned, I found out my laptp was spoilt and I had to send it off for servicing.
Worry not, I have my laptop back and it is fine.

Today, I bring you an update of what to expect in the near future here at STOPDROPDERP.

First off, I will be starting a new column.
It will be about local bands, tattoo studios, photographers and basically everything around.
Mainly what we young people are into and things that you, my lovely readers might want to know more about.
There will be interviews, photoshoots and even some giveaways so keep checking back for more infomation!
Due in the lineup would be interviews and photoshoots with,
A Town In Fear,
Ruins and Remains,
Black Moustache Tattoos
and more.

I will also be doing more food reviews and to add a twist to it, I am looking for friends and bloggers who might want to do a collaboration.
Also, I would love to review any food places or anything you might want people to know so contact me!
Email me at
I am also open to doing product reviews so do contact me.

Most importantly, keep checking back as I will be posting regularly once more.

Thank you for the support and I hope you keep on supporting me and sharing STOPDROPDERP with your friends and families.

With that, I shall end this short update.

P.S, Keep mowing that lawn you sexy people!

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