Monday, February 13, 2012

Creepy Pasta 21

Knock Knock.

It was the holidays again and as all her friends let the dorms, Amy felt all alone.
This would be the first time she is spending the holidays in her school's hostel and she wasn't looking forward to it.
"Oh well" she thought as she retreated back into her dorm.
Her parents were away visiting her grandmother in Malaysia and she couldn't go due to the upcoming exams.

As night fell, Amy struggled to fall asleep.
The loneliness seem to cast a strange spell on her, keeping her awake.
As she tossed and turned, she noticed a sound emitting from the hallway outside.
"Strange, no one is suppose to be here" she thought to herself.
As she strained to listen to what the sound was, she realized that it was getting nearer to her dorm.
As the sound got nearer to her door, she realized it was the sound of someone knocking on the doors.
Soon, the knocking came from the door next to hers.
Amy pulled her blanket over her head and waited, straining her ears for the sound.

"Knock, knock" came the sound from her door.
Amy held her breath and shut her eyes tight, praying for her safety.
After what seemed like hours, another knock jolted her out of her panic.
It had moved on the the next door.
The fear and panic proved too much for Amy and soon she was fast asleep, exhausted. 

The next morning, Amy forgot all about the incident.
Passing it off as her imagination, she returned to studying.
Soon, it was night again and as she was preparing to sleep, she heard the unmistakable noise.
It was the knocking once again and exactly as the night before, it reached the door next to hers.

"Knock, knock" came the sound from her door.
Keeping her eyes shut, she prayed once more and as clock work, the knocking started at the next door.

The moment Amy woke up the very next morning, she rushed down to the security outpost.
She had to know who or what was knocking the doors.
To her amazement, the guards had no idea what she was talking about and had not seen anyone out at night.
The knocking was beginning to get to her.

"One more night and everyone will be back" she said out loud to herself that evening.
Still feeling scared, Amy decided to sleep under her bed like she used to as a child when she was scared.
Soon, Amy dozed off.

She was jolted awake by a faint knocking sound.
"Here we go again" she thought, feeling braver than the night before.
Perhaps being under the bed made her feel more protected and hidden.

"Knock, knock" came the sound at her door.




"Why is it taking so long to move on" she wondered to herself.
As she opened her eyes, she saw a face.

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